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Business Registration

Business Registration
Business Registration
Business Registration
Business Registration
Business Registration
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A sole proprietorship is a business structure owned by only one person. In this type of entity, there’s no legal distinction between the owner and the business  — which means 1) the owner is entitled to all the profits of the business, and 2) he/she is also responsible for the losses, liabilities, and debts the business will incur.

A sole proprietorship is the most common type of business and the easiest to set up. Since the business does not become a legal entity separate from the owner, it can operate under the name of the proprietor. It is also possible to register a fictitious name for it, like Chef Anna’s Pastries — but the fictitious name is simply a trade name; it does not establish an independent entity.

The requirements for registration as highlighted in the of Enterprises are:

   a. Business name for availability search (at least 2).

   b. Passport photograph and signature(s).

   c. Name(s) of proprietor(s).

   d. Nature of business.

   e. Home and business address.

   f. Phone number and email address

Duration of Registration: Three (3) weeks

Limited liability Company requires at least two or more person (known as directors or subscribers of the company) and an appointed secretary for its formulation.

Requirements for Incorporation of a Limited liability Company:

   a. Company names for available search (at least 2).

   b. Any valid means of identification.(e.g drivers licence, voters card, national identity card or international passport of directors and company secretary.

    c. Names and signation of directors and secretary

    d. Percentage allotment of shares for each directors(sharing of share capital among directors)

    e. Nature of business

    f. Home address of directors and secretary.

    g. Business address

    h. Phone number and email address

Duration: Three (3) weeks.

INCORPORATED TRUSTEES (e.g Associations, Churches, Mosque etc)


        a. Name(s) for availability search.

        b. Chairman, secretary general and other member board of trustees.

        c. Constitution.

        d. Seal.

        e. Valid means of identification and occupation.

 Duration: At least 3 months.

NOTE 1. School should be registered as a limited liability company or enterprise. And other professional business which certificate of proficiency is required during registration or incorporation.

NOTE 2. All forms of registration commence with availability search. After approval of name , filling begins. 

 This service is brought to you in conjunction with Arlen Corporate Services Limited.

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