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Model: 0000
A sole proprietorship is a business structure owned by only one person. In this type of entity, there’s no legal distinction between the owner and the business  — which means 1) the owner is entitled to all the profits of the business, and 2) he/she is also responsible for the losses, liabi..
Site Administration Site Administration
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Model: 0006
Leverage on us for your website Administration or Web based software support...
Model: 0000
Leverage on us for your STANDARDS ORGANISATION OF NIGERIA ( SON) Product registration , which is the apex standardization body in Nigeria.SON was established by SON Act No. 14, 2015, which repeals the Standards Organisation of Nigeria Act, Cap 59 laws of Federal Republic of Nigeria, 2004, and Enact ..
Model: 0000
TRADEMARK OR BRAND REGISTRATION are in Three (3)Phases:  Acceptance, design and certificate phase.Requirements for Trademark Registration are;      ai. Name of product.   aii. art work of logo      b. Use or classification of product.      ..
Webie for Hotel Webie for Hotel
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Model: e001
Webie for Hotel is a Quick Hotel website suite  programmed to cover regular Hotel web  operation. ..
Webie Shop Webie Shop
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Model: web-100
Webie Shop - The Online store for the typical Nigerian Business. ..
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